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Stud dogs Z Zakątka Izi living with other owners

JUNRO Z Zakątka Izi, PT1, born. 23.09.2013 sire: GENJI GO BANZAI ISLAND STAR; Dam: PHOENIX KOMETA Z Zakątka Izi. Owner: Aisuru Inu breeding
CHUUGO Z Zakątka Izi,(BYUKYU RIPPA ORLEANSNOW x YUSEI GO Shun’you Kensha) Owner: Jakub Maciuszek
KEN NO MAHOO Z Zakątka Izi, born. 22.09.2018, Sire: KENTAROU GO KOSHIWASOU; Dam: Nidhog’s SUKIMIN SHOKO. Owner: Angelika Grutz
NINJIN Z Zakątka Izi,, born. 21.02.2019, Sire: JUNRO Z Zakątka Izi; Dam: KOBANA GO KOSHIWASOU Owner: Mikołaj Stawowy

Our grannies

Behind The Rainbow Bridge

And when you have to say goodbye
And dog it’s time to go to dog’s heaven
It is not far away the dog sets off,
After all, there is a dog’s sky with you,
His soul stays with you…

Barbara Borzymowska