Z Zakątka Izi: a specialist Shiba breeding since 2003.

My journey with Shibas has started in 2003 when my German Shepherd got a new companion: our first Shiba, Daika Czech Jakobin. I was deeply charmed by her personality, dignity, neatness and unique beauty-all of this in such a ‘common’ dog! I was faced with a difficult choice: should I extend my breeding of German Shepherds or rather start breeding Shibas? Soon the decision was made and we welcomed more Shibas in our house.

The main aim of my breeding is to develop an excellent personality of Shiba. All the puppies are being socialized since their birth. I bring them up in a friendly environment and provide every mother and her children with comfortable and joyful life conditions. Every mother must feel as if she was the most important and the most loved Shiba in the house. The main criteria of choosing parents are their temperaments and friendly and open personalities. Their dog shows-related achievements are not an indicator of their worth for me; I see it rather as the icing on the cake.


First Shiba – Daika Czech Jakobin


First litter – 4 red females: Bryonia, Bellis, Berula and Betula


First male in the breeding – Hiszpan

The first male Shiba was imported from the top European breeding of Shun’You Kensha. He has grown to be a beautiful representative of the breed and gave a numerous beautiful offspring with the perfect personalities. He won the club exhibition Rasna 2011. Before he had been awarded the title of the most beautiful puppy in Czech Republic, winning against around 80 Shibas! He was on the highest podium stand during many national and international exhibitions where he was repeatedly given a Best of Breed title. Having entered the age of 10 in 2019, Hiszpan received the title of POLISH VETERANS’ CHAMPION. He stood on the BIS SHOW podium three times and won the second place among Shiba dogs in the national exhibitions ranking and in the whole local V FCI Group ranking.


In 2011 my breeding was considered the best one in Poland by the representatives of a TV channel from Tokyo. They were making a documentary about Japanese dog breeds in Europe.


First Shiba from Japan – Komari

In 2014 we welcomed the first Shiba from Japanese prestigious breeding of Mr Koji Shirai. Her mother was the extraordinary RYOUHIME GO Sanuki Mizumotosou. Komari, subtle and graceful, has opened the new possibilities for the development of my breeding.


Kentaro and Kobana

In 2016 my dream of visiting The Land of Cherry Blossoms finally came true. The journey gifted me with many beautiful memories and two new puppies- – KENTAROU i KOBANA. They were chosen exclusively for me by one of the prestigious Japanese breeders: Mr Yousuke Kobayashi from his KOSHIWASOU breeding.


Special award for the female Eien

EIEN, the female Z Zakątka Izi, received a special award and was THE ONLY Shiba bred in Poland presented in the journal NIPPO. The photo and the description of our EIEN appeared in the coverage of the exhibition AKITA CUP NIPPO SHOW POLAND 2018!


Cahir, Youko and Hyougen

In December 2019 we have welcome three Shibas: CAHIR – SETO NO ICHIRYUU GO SETOUCHI KOBAYASHII from Mr’s Mitsumasa Kabayashibi breeding, YOUKO GO NIPPON SAKURASOU from Mr Eitaro Murayama and KUSHIRO NO HYOUGEN GO KUSHIRO NUNOMESOU from Mr Hisamori Nunome.


Hokuten No Riki Go Saitama Katou

Przyjazd nowego członka zakątkowej rodziny: Wrzesień 2021- Hokuten No Riki Go Saitama Katou. Nasz Riki to radosny, żywiołowy piesek, kochający cały świat.



W marcu 2023 r. do naszego zakątkowego stadka dołączył uroczy sezamowy chłopak  ASAHI VEL SZAKAL. Dziękujemy Myriam Nuvoli za zaufanie i powierzenie nam cudownego shiby o unikatowym rodowodzie.

I continue my adventure with Shibas. My goal has always been to breed the dogs as good as the ones in the best Japanese bleedings. The quality of my dogs is my main focus and I continue to extend my knowledge on this breed thanks to the courtesy of Japanese experts. Gaining knowledge directly from sensei master is the best way to make an improvement in any field. The breeding of Shibas is no exception. If you want to really understand the quintessence of this breed you need to feel its spirit. I promote the genuine Japanese Shiba type and I don’t succumb to the recent fashion of ‘improving’ the breed.


Popularisation of the breed

I am engaged in popularising Shiba breed. I am the leader of the Local Training Commission of the Kennel Club in Poland (Oddziałowa Komisja Szkolenia Związku Kynologicznego w Polsce), Bielsko-Biała unit. I am the author of the following publications: ‘Pedigree Dogs’(Psy rasowe, wyd. SBM Renata Gmitrzak) and‘Pedigree Dogs. Origins. Breeds. Behaviour’ (Psy rasowe. Pochodzenie. Rasy. Zachowania, wyd. SBM Renata Gmitrzak). In 2018 in collaboration with the group of breeders, trainers and dog enthusiasts I worked on the illustrated book ‘Spitzes and Other Pure Breeds. Pedigree Dogs V FCI Group’(Szpice i psy w typie pierwotnym. Psy rasowe V grupa FCI, wyd. Kyno), which was published in 2018.

About book

The first in Poland and Europe album publication presenting the breeds of FCI Group 5, including the most primitive dogs, the least changed by humans.

• current FCI standards
• breeders’ comments as a result of their knowledge and experience (unique content)
• information on the origin and history of genetics by an industry expert Mirosław Redlicki
• interesting facts about races
• 297 photos of dozens of authors from around the world

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